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I saw a woman once wait in the water-logged wastes of Los Angeles, once the proudest of oyster merchants in all the land-locked world; purveyor of salt that accumulated under her fingernails. She scrounged in the heedlessly flowing gutters beside the McDonald's I ate captive fries in.
Her hands shivered in the cold, jingling with coin she plucked from the tide while billowing steam trailed spirals and well wishes through her muddy hair. Oh, how much glare reflected in the buttons of my coat when your eyes hungrily took in my warmth. Her bright face made the vice of my gluttony apparent; beat me with it, showed me what a lucky boy I was. How much Olympian ideal must have leaked into your envy at my efficiency when I opened the door, something that was lost on you the first moment you saw that spectre that would emerge in the hallowed name of David King.
Such an innocuous, stupid name. You say it over and over. Who was he? Was he that same shameful man who took the manhood of so many men
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Lara Dream.
I had a dream today.
I dreamt of the way your obsidian hair draped over your shoulders like shrouds of silk softly brushing the ends of your elbows. The way your nose was less crooked than mine yet still seemed out of proportion with your face in the Judo-Elizabethan way. Indeed, you were more beautiful in my dream than you probably ever were in life; with breasts as sleek as train wrecks, the way that rose and fell with the tide of your breath, and a waist that morphed with the seasons. You were a bear gathering lust and love from every where and when you could you did not hesitate, for those winters would surely be long and very cold.
It is strange now to think back on it. I cannot decide what brought me to you in the end. You were my intellectual lesser, and never ever contributed anything that I did not already know in the scholarly way. Come to think of it, I am certain that I intimidated you at my gentlest of moments, which might mean that the plot had been in you all along.
At a
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Magpie Reply
Felt the rush of wind compel the eventide to hold.
Pierced the portal, took my place and you, so bold,
Posed the question theorum couldn't quite diffuse.
Furrowed personage was quick to refuse.
When did the justice fall to extricate the point of no return?
Ch. Solitary wing'd spectre, I,
Spilled the dawnlight, left the night succumbed.
Mocked nothing in my passion's numbed,
Confused decyphering.
Fluttered consternation over my pregnant pause.
Ne'er an equal in the reflected cause.
'Cos I blended murder into tumbleweed rush.
Yet wanted for a feasible return for the lush.
Still, larks and doves cannot remember past inclusion.
Recollection is tribulation and I bear it well.
Return'd the morrow after; tempo-less expunged dancer.
Filled in the repetition with a clamour for an answer.
Flight beckoned tempest cloud to rend the sky asunder.
It told tale of enemies begotten in the blunder of wonder.
The torrent told me that hordes of the bitter gazed in ready violence.
The pelting whispered
:icontorr-ture:Torr-Ture 3 1
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Promotes AntiCreeperART
I'm leaving you people. I have managed to be successfully offended and I'm leaving you.
Due to DeviantART's regression into what it allows people to post, I am leaving. I personally don't understand how they are fine with people putting up various things involving overly exaggerated features or the general quality of so many posts, but won't allow a hard on that is done in a strictly tasteful way. It's not what you're showing, it's how you're showing it.

Also, to help finalize this decision, I had to block two people today because after I posted my new ID featuring a pregnant photo of me, two people favoured it. This normally is a very nice thing to have, except that both these people were the type that I hate on DeviantART. The first one didn't post anything himself, but instead had various collections labelled "Pregnant", "Labor", "Gender Bender", etc. The second one is one of those people who likes to draw accentuated bellies for pregnant women and exaggerated features for other women.

I am fine with nudity and exaggerated features, I mean the people I draw/paint can't possibly exist with out crippling spinal problems, but at least TRY to make it seem like you're trying to express yourself artistically and NOT trying to get as many page views as humanly possible.

So if DeviantART splits into two separate sites, and starts AntiCreeperART, then I'll be more then happy to go back to my usual joyus self. But until then I'm finished. I might come back in the future at some point to post only paintings and tattoos, but I'm not guaranteeing anything.

After over six years; Good bye!


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asussman Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2010
i totally understand your frustration. there's a double standard in here and there are tons of some veeery strange people just looking to fulfill their fetishes, etc. im sorry to see you go, kate. if you find a different site, let me know.
Kate-Hedgehog Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2010
No problem. I still poke around on here to keep in touch some times, but if I ever find or start a site I'll let you know :D
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